How To Start Forex Trading

If you are new in forex trading markets & don’t know where to start, here are the complete guidelines.

How To Start Forex Trading: Step by Step Guidelines
Step 1: Open a MT4 DEMO STANDARD Trading account from this link
Choose Leverage 1:500

Step 2: Download Metatrader 4 app from playstore/appstore
Here are download links for mt4 App
For Android Device:
For Iphone:

Step 3: Add your trading account to mt4 app.
Click on LOGIN TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT on mt4 app & provide broker name & login details.

Step 4: Now learn some forex trading strategies by reading books or watching videos.
Here is the best forex trading strategy book you can read.Book link

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Step 5: Keep learning from the book & practice on demo account until you make profits every week for 6 to 12 months.
After that you can open a Real Account & Start earning real profits.

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